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tv   [untitled]    May 11, 2011 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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welcome back to the big picture i'm coming up in this half hour republicans continue to have a deaf ear when it comes to passing immigration reform with the two thousand and twelve election around the corner we have a change of heart just to secure the seat at sixteen hundred pennsylvania avenue and later in the show a daily take on how attention deficit disorder only may actually not only be a good thing but even be responsible for civilization as we know it. it's wednesday which means it's time for the liberal right take on two
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conservatives debate some of the week because the week's biggest issues of the weakest issues the strongest issues of the week are the strongest conservatives in town on the panel tonight daniel helper of the weekly standard and jamie weinstein deputy editor of the daily caller doc ok let's get started at number one president obama was in el paso yesterday stirring up an immigration reform debate here's what he had to say. first we know the government has a threshold responsibility to secure our borders and enforce the law and that's what janet and all her pups are doing that's what they're doing. second businesses that's to be held accountable if they exploit undocumented workers. there are. those who are here illegally they have a responsibility as well so they broke the low. that means they've got to pay their taxes they've got to pay a fine if you're learning they've got undergrowth right background checks and
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a link to a process before they get in line for legalization that's not too much there. is practically is there zero percent chance that the president's speech will actually lead to immigration reform legislation mainly because republicans won't budge on their we must deport everyone now platform and because keeping the status quo keeps in place a nice little wedge issue for the twenty. so how much longer will republicans continue to play politics and pretend to believe that illegal immigration is a problems that are actually getting to work on real solutions like ronald reagan did when he gave amnesty to three million illegals this is i mean i think this was a purely political speech there's no evidence that he's actually pushed any immigration reform bill actually already already i'm going to work on yeah but i don't know i don't know how much weight i shouted down by the way to go behind it but there was a gentleman you may have heard of him his name was george w. bush he was president united states and he pushed a strong comprehensive immigration reform back and he got he got a republican it's true back in the senate by john mccain that came to not some say
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because the you know brock obama had people trying to stick amendments onto it to ensure its failure but mccain worked hard for it bush worked hard for it so republicans like me support comprehensive immigration reform i'm going to trust this president obama really think that hispanic voters are this stupid or do they think that if he really think that they're so cynical he's done nothing about immigration in two thousand and eight actually doesn't he does he's not as if you're people at the border then right forwards right he's he's reward twenty five thousand more people than in two thousand and ten than bush he's been normal hard as in two thousand and eight right the bush is actually this is a strictly political ploy to get hispanic voters twenty twelve campaigns coming up the bombing campaign has made it very clear that they're going to win it and that it's going to be a hard fight and they're going to have a big tent ordered in order to have any idea if this is just for the public you think is just political it's unsettling for obama's. say oh hispanic voters are stupid don't do anything about immigration facto crack down on that more and then
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i'll just go to el paso make it so you think he's going to win votes from them as a result of the speech he's i don't think maybe but i don't know what you guys say you'll do that to charlotte why is it where you cheering the crap out i didn't hear george bush is ridiculous crackdown on business is i think there should be serious and forstmann at the border but you have to not only bring skilled workers in h one b. visas which we keep our ph d.'s here but also unskilled we're going to be very good point because they create i actually you know the crackdown i'm very ambivalent about frankly i think that we should be cracking down on employers i don't think we have an illegal immigrant problem in this country we have an illegal employer problem this country without a bag and destroying people's country and its people you know exploiting them and making money off them and throw a few c.e.o.'s in jail you can see a few million people on this i didn't do comprehensive immigration reform which i'm in favor of just don't make these political poison pretend like you're doing it when it's so clear that you're actually not the one i want to go get on board with and i don't think they're going to do that and i'm not going to we're going to be exploited if they're willingly coming here to try to work and get jobs they're very
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happy with the way it with their jobs and then let's say that the american workers who are out of work because somebody is willing to do the job for three dollars an hour they are being exploited maybe we can and it's schoolteachers all around the nation from new york and california are protesting against education budget cuts in new york a march is planned for tomorrow and tens of thousands of teachers students and parents will gather from the city hall and march to wall street to demand that the local budget holes are filled not by cutting education but by making wall street a for the mess that created so are we finally seeing a backlash to the republican war in teachers and as a nation that takes on teachers and that agreed thanks to some kind of moral sickness daniel ronald reagan through a thousand banks years in prison only took down the us or was george w. bush when the when the banks was robbed this isn't about the banks this is about the budget and the state budgets are now and they don't have the money to pay. i think it was bugs actually caused by the banks because because of the recession that's correct the problem is if teachers did half as much whining as they did
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teaching their jobs wouldn't be as much and people would side with them if they were better at it and you're going to jump on the i was really on the bandwagon without a little way to point out that this happened in wisconsin the and this happened in calif and then it spread to california and massachusetts these are not red states these are the bluest states in the union and there is no choice but to cut the budget as a tie or three where you know there are three where your top three countries in the world for education terms of turning out really high quality students are singapore south korea and denmark and those three countries teachers make as much as and when you say when you see bankers first thing i imagine is like moustachioed people if i carry like a big dollar sign bank. i'm not i'm not very. good and that particularly through the wall street i don't think has anything to do with this there is a mythology in america unfortunately i had some great teachers they helped me along but obviously i don't know i don't think smart i don't think teachers are heroes
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and we can't take any sacrifice with a boy you've never tried to teach it by good budgets either maybe that's the case but the fact of the matter is that there's some great teachers and some porky chairs the teachers unions are very problematic because they are they they were i was a big work even when she refused he refused to innovate in ways that will actually help that is absolutely untrue the teacher's union has been at the leadership of innovation twenty three absolutely because i think they have it be they when they say it is blocked innovation is the no child left behind act that's why jim jeffords left i will do our high group in one point they have innovated in new york in new york they have rubber rooms now which they never had before and teacher unions deserve credit for that when jim jeffords left the republican party he told me this personally in fact i wrote it in one of my books on equal protection that the whole purpose of the of the no child left behind act was to make more money for people like george bush's brother the testing it's literally the congressional. research service gave him a report that said a four hundred million dollar industry is going to become
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a two billion dollar industry as a result of this act he left the republican party over and by the way they were right so why are they doing it massachusetts and why are they doing it in california through what why are they cracking down on teachers why are they cutting him at cutting the edges it's always easy to cut down on that eight to crack down on the people who are the weakest you know there's a teacher there's not a lot there's a lot of what's wrong with me there's one speech two points i made here one is that be there you know that god created the teachers you know in spite mythology don't make a ridiculously low amounts of money if you compare them on a per hour basis in the amount of work there but we account for some engineers there that can bring their values of most and working americans. and then to really and the reason that they're cracking down on this is because tommy have not discovered governments of the three governments the money tree for where they can pull the money to pay the teachers when they don't have it it's called and in a recession resident in the banks are subject to the president criticize scott walker of wisconsin when he was cracking down on teachers union just a month ago and said that he was assaulting them and that he was vilified the teachers union and why hasn't the president said anything about massachusetts why
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hasn't the president said anything because it's a garbage issue because it's not a game to hear him say well it is an issue for teachers it is need it is it's not it was it is you're not understanding why it's one with an education in the law and get i don't got denmark and sweden and singapore and these other here this is not that i'm not coming out of the lobbying is education country rote learning where and then the teachers are all you know nies and they get really good going out it's we're not going to resolve this issue i think we're going to we're going to agree to disagree we need and it was reported this week the back in two thousand and eight well all of our charles koch one of the billionaire koch brothers wrote a big fat check to florida state university to help hire new professors in the schools economics department what seemed like a charitable juster turned out to be anything but made sure that there were strings attached to his donation one of those strings is that charles koch now has the authority to hire or fire whatever economics professor he likes even though overrule the state florida. faculty on hiring decisions which is already done shooting down sixty percent of the professors proposed by the faculty in two
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thousand and nine so how is letting oligarchy determine what students learn in called link universities and ethical or even a good thing i can understand is a jerry falwell's living you know absolutely we're talking florida vs. who is your are directed towards the koch brothers or florida state university why the koch brothers. because they're there saying we will give you money but only if you will treat trained kids the way that we want them trained so tom excuse me what spot to understand what the problem with that is the problem is that before the state once it's just it's outrageously inappropriate it's what is plenty of public interest this is the bottom line problem the main problem is that the koch brothers are conservative and so god forbid conservatives may try and daniel i think you have a point to your original point you're absolutely right that me my my big argument here is without this you never should have said yes will take your money strings i would rather have zero interest and they make those very sure that or try to hide
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that you have the right to spread observing f.s.w. and i'm sorry if i can't get outraged when university faculties are less ideologically diverse than george bush's cabinet you know look he's having to free market professors on the faculty he can't he's had his money he said he's willing to pay it has he doesn't want it if ever she wasn't running they don't want it they can go we don't like you but i said no and why why can't they usually agree on the professor that he's going to spend his money to fund it because it's a stake college if this was a if this was the koch brothers official college with great let them pick their teacher would you be at home as if you had a state you have that sort of research or decisions that you had that's a restriction on florida state you would be restricting for the state from its own economic freedom because he would that is are going to have to get out there under my tree with your betters guys exactly you're not allowed to say you're missing or think what i'm saying is that if you said for the state you cannot do you you cannot do not business but you cannot make the sort of a green. you can accept donations from people like that then you were stripping who for the state can as an academic institution can in fact affiliate with and can
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associate with and try to benefit from so i don't think all kind i think and i think we went on a slippery slope if you like all right well you can accept money from this these organizations but not from these or you know i'm not saying there's nothing you're saying seven zero no strings just press reports and you know where's the outrage for the fact that half of the departments all over the world and every universe major university across the country are the op cited ten to one liberal to conservative where where is the outrage that you know middle eastern studies departments across this country are funded by saudi princes who impose their ideological litmus test there and take israel agenda where is this out religious happening george georgetown university is funded by the prince you know the warren buffett of saudi arabia has a say in who has that is oh i don't think that they're preaching pro israel activism at georgetown middle eastern studies but are this is this is a little incentive to just be liberal institutions and just give money to university knowing that they're all liberal and that their money is going to
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further their cause they don't have the well you know you know maybe science is liberal maybe after you know maybe higher learning is they don't want to do we had a they don't have to do my thing they should be allowed to do it actually transpired i think it was very scary with if you were actually there you would still i was there i was in his garden and yelled it's one of his solutions as a way to solve the academic imbalances have donors use their money to make sure that they don't point socialist supporting economics professor in doubt cheers that was like the rich people make all the decisions about only education she wants or let's teach all our gallery of value shares a lot of every academic department in every university there are doubts here how did you know i don't think that everybody shares are not our lot of them are surely laid for certain reasons and there they are but he was not certain p.r.c.'s this is what's isn't over surely a person and i think should not be there should be our studies we often argue over who are the people who are the arbiters of what is academic. you know what is good science what is good math what is good economics whatever they should be dismissed
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doesn't serve as at least they both can decide on a qualified person and i happen to believe that someone who could give one point five million dollars doesn't have to give it into a blind cesspool which will only choose someone who's far left of center know a lot of supporters all have a university let him give it to jerry falwell's college look at why you did what you are results of our universe is that you will probably lead our lives there are a zone with plenty of plenty of private universities that are carry for all i know so let the koch brothers funded them so you think that if they give you are going to be ok i think if they were you know they want to go to harvard with strings i don't have a problem with is not a state university but i think the state universities should be independent this is public education like i think you all should be your inferior if you believe that also because you believe they are independent and we have to disagree because i don't think they're independent i think every good governed by liberal. boards and the professor themselves so happen to select from their own beck that's just i mean there's no other way to explain twenty four to one conservative deliberations or ten to one conservative liberal each of the liberal ideas tend to be right more of
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you think it's not really smart people are liberals i disagree with. conservatives i don't level warm enough so i go all the science department you know and that's that's one of the coats big thing is to push this up anyway quick quick last question after a pretty good week last week president obama has a two year high approval rating of sixty percent meanwhile the donald whose numbers were surging before president obama's best week ever is now longeing plummeting in the republican presidential polls so it's back to the drawing board for trump what does he need to do to get back on top and get people to care about him to get a have an affair and get remarried for the fourth time so you can beat new game which is own game for delhi or be convert to mormonism it's work for mitt romney and jon huntsman or c. debuted a new ray ality show or the talking head some fox news compete to find out what it really means to be fair and balanced. he had the promise that his vice presidential candidate would be selected from the next winner of the miss you know the trump
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miss universe contest. you know actually sarah palin you see it that beauty queen this is the sarah sarah palin the. i'm sorry i'm not. strong honeymoons over it's the end of the trump campaign but what can what obama can do to keep his to keep the best week ever and continue to have the best week ever so for every week it's a target another terrorism to just take them out so then the seals this should be this is you should be obama's presidency this should be what he's about next time we go next time when they get off within a shot of maybe. yes and i think the numbers on obama are going to soar through i'd vote for him you would surely you would vote for him if he did what i just said to him already i say he actually have a platform and talk about some issues and i have to do with the president's birth place i just have to say parenthetically it was fascinating i was there at the correspondents' dinner and when trump came in he was like this rock star everybody wanted to have their picture taken with him everybody's following me around
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everything and after the president just took him apart and and the comedian myers with. you know he just marched out like this and nobody wanted it was it was weird because the other day gets in his helicopter in his private jet and he's probably the last one left here it's oh well you know he's our son is dead a good one hundred one about a sumo who was a whole bunch of women for us yeah i'm very excited about well gentlemen thank you both for being here i'm. coming up to do a take on why millions of kids are being needlessly drugged and why working adults are failing in the world. for.
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you know sometimes you see a story in the siege so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry there's a big picture. here up of the good the bad of literary inconceivably ugly the good the presbyterian church yesterday the church approved a provision that allows gay clergy to be your game and provision removes centuries of old language requiring you to live in fidelity within the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman or chastity and singleness the rules are going to effect for the church in
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july so no church is one by one or granting whole rights to gays isn't about this time our government did the same to bad house republicans yesterday house majority leader eric cantor announced that the house didn't have enough time this week to pass a resolution honoring the navy seals who took up in laws against the house did have tried to pass a resolution on rangers w. bush that's right yesterday republicans renamed a courthouse in taxes after the former president even though they announced at the beginning of the year that they'd no longer pass a number of resolutions but i guess when it comes to a portion you know the whole bush can't you know redo the history campaign exceptions can be made when it comes to our troops rules of the rules and the very very ugly the t.s.a. at kansas city international airport two t.s.a. agents felt it necessary to do one of their intrusive at down brain checks out an
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eight month old baby a photo of the of the procedure surface today show. in the mother holding her baby while two agents go to town making sure that paper isn't full of dynamite t.s.a. released a statement saying the two agents acted according to protocol as in yeah it's two it is t.s.a. policy to back down eight month old it's looks like the t.s.a. is taking louie gohmert sphere of terror babies seriously and that's very true but . we've had a lot of debate in the political arena about our schools and how they're being wrong and all these kinds of things and i want to touch on a topic that comes close to this back in one nine hundred seventy eight my wife louise and i started a community for abused kids in new hampshire it's called the new in salem
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children's village it's still there salem children's village dot org we'll get you over there and in one nine hundred eighty i wrote a piece for the journal of orthomolecular psychiatry i got to know dr ben feingold we have tried his diet on our kids virtually all the kids had this hyperactive label school hyper can he says back then to the hyper active syndrome and i wrote you know one of the first papers suggesting that the problem wasn't that the kids were defective but they were just wired differently nobody really seemed to take it very seriously so you know this was this was in one thousand eight. years that the basic symptoms of attention deficit disorder there's there's basically it's a three legged stool school it's stool excuse me distractibility impulsivity and i need for stimulation the hypothesis that i had come up with and i wrote about a book in one thousand nine hundred two called eighty a different perception the hypothesis was that in a running gathering world distractibility would actually be an asset. because if
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you were if you were in a hunting gathering with your one hundred going through the forest you're looking for lunch you need to be scanning your. environment constantly because you know otherwise you might miss that rabbit over there that's lunch or you might miss that bear over there that wants to make you its launch and get weeded out of the gene pool distractibility is a good thing impulsively making quick decisions if you're chasing rabbits or to force a deer goes by you don't have time to pull out a pad and pen to go let's see deer more meat harder to get rabbit or easier to get was made a little respond a fellow analysis can't do that because it's got to be instant and number three a need for high levels of stimulation the kind of person who would wake up in the morning and say you know what sounds like fun let's go out there in the world where people want or through where there are things animals that want to eat me as much as i want to eat them and final launch that person would survive so my hypothesis was that when we had one hundred gather in society there was a genetic brain component for us that actually made better hunters and that when we shifted to an agricultural society that became
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a problem because if you're distractable and your job in agriculture is to take bugs off plants all day long you get bored stiff if you know so the distractibility becomes a problem impulsivity becomes a problem the high level of stimulation needed all become problems in the agricultural world the agricultural world then became the industrial world put in bolts on screws all day long or our school systems sitting in a class and not fidgeting for a whole hour waiting for the bell and all of these things you know these kids i call them hunters in a farmer's world seemed out of place but back in the in in ninety two i first laid this out this book eighty a different perception and it was you know a lot of parents said ah i get it and a lot of scientists said alice got a nonsense come up but he talked about genetics you know this can't this is a disease you know give a kid some drugs and it became a multi-billion dollar industry. in the in two thousand and three
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a fellow by the name of a robber boyce's was he worked for the human genome project and he was given a seat at. a department actually at the university of california irvine they say that you can research anything you want he said i want to research eighty and he started looking at the genetics of eighty this is a combined study that was done with yale and the university of beijing and everest in california and their initial results came to the conclusion that yes this is genetic and yes it is do it. so i wrote a book in two thousand and three titled. the the what's the bio there is the edison gene eighty h.d. and they give to the hundred shot and and i said you know this there's a gene in your long we don't mean genes and i propose that it was the d r g four gene the seven filial which is the sum of the variation in a gene that seems to pop up a lot mediation and i said that gene is actually probably responsible for modern civilisation as we know it and for all the innovations it's obvious that thomas
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edison had who you know was thrown out of school when he was seven years old it was obvious that would ben franklin had to have thirty five jobs in his life his last job was creating the the united states of america none of these guys could stay on anything for more than you know a year at the most and they would clear eighty classic cases and they changed the world so any i proposed the d r d four seven and a leo in two thousand and three of the edison gene and now. the research has been done you know finally this week in new scientist magazine a new study and this is the the third study that has corroborated the hypothesis that i laid out i you know i guess i'm i'm claiming some victory here but i think it's pretty for our kids in two thousand or just last week was the study said. there is there's actually hope from the study that we've got here someplace i believe here is a.d.h. the symptoms like rapidly shifting focus and quick movements are actually survival traits that were selected for during our migration out of africa being go a.d.d.
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actually is of value so we're confronted with a choice and we see these kids in the classroom do we modify their brains by putting drugs and chemicals into their brains so that they don't break basically violate the genetic code that they're carrying and stop being hunters and start behaving like farmers or do we modify the school environment make it more interesting make it more varied get rid of no child left behind stop learning do more socratic teaching do the things that are being done in other countries and that have been done in a lot of schools in the in the in the united states innovative teachers both in public schools and private schools that we know work. and tragically we've been making the choice are too often in my opinion of saying listen shops and drugs of these kids will have long term consequences similarly for adults there's a lot of adults who've had many many careers in their lives were really just couldn't quite grab it and it's because they were hunters who were trying to be
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farmers i used to a friend who was a c.p.a. and he was just crash and burn in the c.p.a. business he couldn't do it he was a hunter and c.p.a. business is the ultimate power business being an accountant so i suggested to him why do you instead start selling the services of the c.p.a. firm that you work for become a salesman that's a perfect hunter job just like a private detective i mean there's a lot of good jobs for one hundred so there he made that switch and suddenly he was making three times as much money and having a great time so it's like figuring out who we are whether it's kids or adults and question the conventional wisdom of let's drug our kids because frankly the let's drug our kids conventional wisdom is we're producing a lot of really really negative side effects on developing brains so i just thought it it's really useful to share that information with you thank you. that's the big picture for tonight for more information on our stories visit our web site at samarra dot com and. also check out our youtube pages that are you tube dot com
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